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#236968 - 07/25/11 12:57 PM Booster Substitute for Vienna Lager
JTurkish Offline

Registered: 07/25/11
Posts: 6

Newb here to both the forum and brewing.

I'm currently in the middle of my 2nd brew - both were done with Mr. beer/

My current brew is the whispering wheat. I substituted all of the booster with honey and have just bottled it. In sampling it before bottling I am very pleased at its flavor. I had it in the keg for 3 weeks at a temp of about 70-73f. I'm planning on bottling for 2 weeks at the same temps and then cold conditioning it for another 2 weeks.

While cold conditioning I'd like to start brewing a new batch, the Vienna lager. I want to continue substituting all of the booster but not sure with what, thinking maybe a mix of brown and white sugar would be best. Looking for suggestions on this.

I'm not a fan or corn sugars and starches mainly because it's in EVERYTHING! Even in my toothpaste and bread, grrrrrr.

I searched multiple times and places and words for this and couldn't find an answer....any help would be much appreciated.

Happy Brewing.

#236972 - 07/25/11 01:21 PM Re: Booster Substitute for Vienna Lager [Re: JTurkish]
Yamadog Offline
Beer Drinker Extraordinaire
Ultimate Mr. Beer Fan

Registered: 03/04/11
Posts: 418
Loc: CT

Generally, most people will substitute booster for DME. Substituting one sugar for another is not going to change anything, so stay away from just using white or brown sugar vs. booster. Using DME will give you more malt and more flavor without giving you the cidery taste sugars add if not used properly.

Don't forget to introduce yourself in the Welcoming Center!!

Good Luck

#236973 - 07/25/11 01:24 PM Re: Booster Substitute for Vienna Lager [Re: JTurkish]
KNeace Global Moderator Online   content
Official Brew Dude

Registered: 06/16/09
Posts: 7925
Loc: Hoosierville
You can sub the Booster for (some) brown or white sugar if you wanted to but really if you want to get away from the Booster the best route is to go with more Malt Extract such as the Mellow Amber from Mr.Beer or plain extract from a Brewing Supply online or possibly in your neighborhood...(yes, they do exsist).

Booster isn't fully fermentable, it is mostly but also has some dextrines that give it a little body. If you sub the Booster for simple sugars like Brown or White table sugar you will increase the fermentables giving the beer more ABV, but you will end up with a much thinner bodied beer. Brown sugar also leaves some flavor behind, too much and it can really ruin the beer.

I suggest going with more malt and adding some hops to the keg while you ferment. A can of Mellow Amber from Mr.Beer and a .25 oz of Hallertau, Saaz or Liberty hops would give you an awsome Oktoberfest. In fact, the Oktoberfest Cream Ale from Mr.Beer was one of my favorites. It was the Vienna Lager, 1 can Mellow Amber and .25 oz Liberty hops....it was awesome. Keep the temps down around 66-68 while it ferments in the keg and it will be even better for that style of beer!

And welcome to the forums. smile

#236977 - 07/25/11 02:57 PM Re: Booster Substitute for Vienna Lager [Re: KNeace]
JTurkish Offline

Registered: 07/25/11
Posts: 6
Awesome thanks guys...that cream ale sounds great. One of my top beers is Hales Cream Ale

#237009 - 07/25/11 06:45 PM Re: Booster Substitute for Vienna Lager [Re: JTurkish]
mamiata1 Global Moderator Offline
First Loser in MBFFL.
Brewmeister Tripel

Registered: 01/29/09
Posts: 15695
Loc: SE Michigan
Yep, DME or LME are your best bets but there's nothing wrong with booster in moderation. I think the rule of thumb is to keep simple sugars (including honey) to one third or less of the total grain bill.
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#237014 - 07/25/11 07:17 PM Re: Booster Substitute for Vienna Lager [Re: mamiata1]
Lagerpmp Online   content
Ultimate Mr. Beer Fan

Registered: 01/15/09
Posts: 1231
Loc: Indiana
Welcome aboard JTurkish. Yep, DME -dried malt extract is my vote on the subsitute for booster. But Booster isn't all bad.
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#237020 - 07/25/11 07:49 PM Re: Booster Substitute for Vienna Lager [Re: Lagerpmp]
vp09 Global Moderator Offline
Ultimate Mr. Beer Fan

Registered: 06/23/08
Posts: 4327
Loc: Whittier, California
Welcome Aboard!

I added 1/2 to one cup table sugar to all my first 30 or so batches of Mr. Beer, to boost the alcohol.

You are ok if you keep it to no more than that proportion. More than that, you run into some problems.

Honey is nearly the same as sucrose (table sugar) in its fermenting properties, so keep the honey to one cup or 1/2 cup and no more for your 2.5 gallon Mr Beer batches.

Check out your local home brew store for bulk purchases of maltose (malt syrup). That's the way to go. Mine had such a good price, if I brought my own containers, that I quit adding sucrose. Now the hummingbirds are using up the rest of the table sugar.

Happy brewing and post those questions!
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#237021 - 07/25/11 07:57 PM Re: Booster Substitute for Vienna Lager [Re: vp09]
Happy Birthday psuchunk03 Global Moderator Offline
That's what she said...
Brewmeister Dubbel

Registered: 01/01/10
Posts: 10260
Loc: St. Louis, MO
my vote is for one pound of amber DME... or whatever type of DME you want.

treat it in the same way you would use booster... sprinkle it in to 4 cups of water, bring it to a boil, then follow the MrB directions the rest of the way.
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#237022 - 07/25/11 07:57 PM Re: Booster Substitute for Vienna Lager [Re: JTurkish]
vp09 Global Moderator Offline
Ultimate Mr. Beer Fan

Registered: 06/23/08
Posts: 4327
Loc: Whittier, California
Originally Posted By: JTurkish
>> I had it in the keg for 3 weeks at a temp of about 70-73f.

>> maybe a mix of brown and white sugar would be best.

>> I'm not a fan or corn sugars and starches mainly because it's in EVERYTHING! Even in my toothpaste and bread, grrrrrr.

Fermenting temp of 68 will serve you better. Three weeks, yes!

Brown sugar is white sugar, with molasses in it. Light brown is 1 tsp per cup of sucrose and dark brown is 1 tblsp per cup of sucrose. If you want sucrose, buy the 10 lb bag at Walmart. If you want brown sugar, pick up a bottle of molasses while you are there.

Corn sugar and starches ... is this a reference to high fructose corn syrup? You are right about that being in everything-- NPR, National Public Radio, says Americans consume 66 lbs per person per year. I even found it in my canned peas. Not sweet peas, not sweetened peas, not peas with sugar syrup. Just plain Del Monte peas. Ingredients were 1) peas 2) water 3) high fructose corn syrup.

Having said that, please understand that high fructose corn syrup, and the corn sugar sold at your local home brewing shop, are different.

High fructose corn syrup and sucrose (table sugar) are similar in makeup (55-45 vs. 60-40 fructose/glucose ratio).

Not ever have heard of high fructose corn syrup in brewing.

Keep us posted.

#237086 - 07/26/11 05:34 AM Re: Booster Substitute for Vienna Lager [Re: vp09]
JTurkish Offline

Registered: 07/25/11
Posts: 6
Thanks everyone.

The honey I used for the wheat beer was a 1 to 1 substitute for the booster based on the books measurements, not that interested in raising alcohol content

I was grouping corn syrup into corn sugars the booster has, not technically correct but still corn none the less. I'm ok with corn syrup and corn sugars but when it's in everything (cows are even fed corn) I got to reduce my intake wherever I can.

dme or the malt syrup sounds great, thanks again

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